We Dodged a Bullet

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October 1, 2021
I Traveled 550 Miles to Get Back Window Replaced in a Tesla!
February 25, 2022


By now we’ve all heard about the supply chain crisis. The auto glass industry was affected dramatically this year.  So how in the world did we avoid this? Before the pandemic, we would put away glass after-hours and on the weekends.

During the pandemic we were sitting in a comfortable situation thanks to embracing Dave Ramsey’s principles. When Covid hit we were extremely slow at the shop. After shifting our thinking, we saw this as an opportunity. We ordered up a BUNCH of glass and spent the next month stocking and organizing the warehouse.

Looking back, I’m so glad we endured the pain it took to become almost debt free.  Thanks to Dave Ramsey’s principles and a creative team we were able to avoid a situation that had a negative effect on most businesses!