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Winter Windshield Tips
Winter Windshield Tips
November 20, 2020
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October 1, 2021

One year ago, I showed up to work early. I had an enormous knot in my stomach. While I was waiting for the team to show up, I found a picture of an interstate in China… an interstate that is usually filled with cars and energy. Instead, the roads were empty with a single man crossing the 10-lane road with no cars in sight! When I stare at this picture today, the emotions I was feeling that day flood my body. I was filled with uncertainty, fear and doubt.

When the team showed up, I was vulnerable and real with the them. I explained my fears. We had just gone all out on a new building, overhead was high, and we had recently just hired a new team member preparing for what I thought would be the busiest, most exiting year of our career. I let them know I thought there was a chance Glass Specialists would go broke but we would all go broke together. I made a commitment to the team not to do any layoffs. They agreed and all offered to do whatever it took to keep the ship afloat.

The next couple weeks were scary. We were used performing around 20 installs a day and now we were doing 2-5. The team got together, and all decided to take one day off a week to cut down on payroll cost. Everyone was doing their part and we found stuff to keep us busy. We rearranged our whole warehouse. Something I have always wanted to do but didn’t have time. We even considered traveling to Missouri. They had just had a horrendous hailstorm and they needed technicians.

I Vividly Remember The Day It Turned Around

A friend of mine called. He asked how it was going. I told him how scared I was. He shared my concerns and then asked me if we would be willing to donate money to a charity he was raising money for (Special Olympics). I said I needed to think about it. How dare he ask us for money when I thought we had a risk of going out of business! It really didn’t sit well with me. I remember telling our team leader about my call with our friend. As I told him the story, I started to have a change of heart.  We took a step of faith and decided to continue giving as if we were still busy.

The next day I went to the warehouse. Matt would send the team down to help after the morning meeting. They didn’t show.  I can’t remember what happen next, but I ended up at the shop around 10:00am. The overhead doors were open and every bay had a car in it! I sat in my truck and teared up after. From that day forward we were busy. 2020 ended up being the best year we had ever had. We appreciate every guest that helped keeps our doors open. Thank you, Billings!!