Why Don’t We Do Mobile Glass Replacement?

All for One and One for All
All for One and One for All
January 17, 2020
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September 14, 2020
Why Don’t We Do Mobile Glass Replacement?

Believe it or not, we are one of the few shops that don’t perform mobile glass replacement.

Why? It is a moral decision for the safety of you and your family. 


Glass Replacement Reliability

Lead team member, Matt Stern and I had a conversation about 10 years ago when we noticed the chances of a windshield coming back for an issue (such as a water leak, wind leak, rattle or loose molding) was significantly lower when we had the vehicle in our facility VS out in the field.

We discovered the secret….. A mobile replacement involves one person and the reality was, no matter how great a technician was, human error still occurs. The secret is to have three people on EVERY windshield replacement. When the work is performed in our facility, two technicians set the windshield instead of one. This allows a more precise windshield set and we all know two eyes are better than one! Once the replacement is complete it gets an inspection by a third set of eyes, a team leader.  This process has allowed us to achieve virtually zero comebacks and is why we couldn’t meet the same standards in the field with one installer. So, we made a moral decision, no more mobile windshield replacements.

We couldn’t see the future, but because windshield replacements have become much more complex over the years, keeping everything in shop has worked in the favor of our guests. For example, if a car is equipped with ADAS (advance drivers assist systems) such as, lane departure or braking assist, it means you have a camera, laser or radar mounted to your glass. Having that on your glass requires hooking up to a computer and setting up targets on a level surface so your vehicle is safely reading the things around you when driving again. I can’t imagine trying to achieve this in the field.


Fastest Yet Highest Quality Adhesives

We know your time is important and that’s why a mobile replacement can be tempting. We’ve addressed this by using an adhesive for your windshield that allows a safe drive away time of 30 minutes after your window is set. Combine that with two team members performing the install simultaneously with a lead team member inspecting the final work and….. POW! We can properly install a windshield for you to drive away safely in 90 minutes or less!

So, drop your vehicle off and pop over to Scheels, grab lunch, work in our lobby with free WiFi or take some much needed time to slow down, in our fast paced world, to visit one of the 60 businesses around us in Shiloh Crossing.