Summer Vacation (A school teacher’s experience with the Glass Specialist team)

Auto Glass Week 2019
Auto Glass Week 2019
September 26, 2019
Summer Vacation

This summer seems to have come and gone. I say this because I’m heading back to school in 6 days. I finished my 30th year of teaching and have always had a summer job. This summer I tried something different. Instead of teaching summer school, training teachers in hands-on math and science techniques, painting houses, or working at my hometown drug store, I was fortunate to work at Glass Specialists. Since I have a June birthday, I was also thrilled to finally be able to bring treats!

First of all, I was introduced to the core values. I had noticed in the office there were several papers with the ten values listed. What I later realized was that we were to be tested on them. As a frequent test giver, I became nervous to take one myself. I studied and discovered I was prepared to take my test. Then I was told I would be timed! Ugh!! I had two minutes to write the core values and knew my handwriting was not going to be a priority. (By the way, I do not time students for math facts or other tests. However, there are some required timed tests from the district and state.) I’m happy to say that I passed in the allotted time.

As I was memorizing the core values, I really took them to heart. The first is “Culture is Priceless.” This is my favorite one! I say that because I know that after teaching plenty of students, the culture of a classroom whether it be 4th graders, college students, or adults is very important. Glass Specialists would be a very different setting for me. Instead of being in a setting of mostly women and children, I would be the only female. I soon found this wouldn’t be a problem. At Glass Specialists, we are a team! The guys were so wonderful to me, helping me with any number of daily questions, being kind and welcoming, and truly creating an amazing culture.

It’s been a bittersweet end to my summer. I have always loved to get ready for school. Believe me, the minute school supplies are set out in stores I’m ready to go. However this summer, I’m torn. I have been blessed to spend my time with an incredible team. I know that I’ll still stop by to see them.

– by Sandee Vossler