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Our Amazing Experience With The Mattress King Team
Our Amazing Experience With The Mattress King Team
April 9, 2019
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August 26, 2019

Welcome back to our monthly blog. Have you ever wondered what makes a business successful? A large key to success is family. Without their support, love and encouragement, we wouldn’t be able to perform at our best.

Here at Glass Specialist, we don’t separate work from home. The health of our family determines our success at work each day.  We take the time inside work and outside to grow mentally, financially, and physically to be the best versions of ourselves for our family to enjoy.

Importance Of Family

Family is so important to us we do a spousal interview before hiring someone. When someone new joins the team, their whole family joins the team. It’s important for family to see our vision and share the passion for our purpose. With this type of support, we have the blessing of being ourselves every day. It ups our performance and our culture tenfold.

Life has its peaks and valleys. We all have stress and tough days or seasons. Being a band of brothers, with families to cheer us on, gives us support on those tough days or seasons at home or at work. Even better, is going home to our loved ones to talk about how much fun we had at work!

Our family is Glass Specialist. We celebrate our wins and cry over our losses. We cheer on our kids and support growth in marriage and relationships. This is what makes us successful.

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