New Technology in Auto Windshields Promise Greater Protection and Projection

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July 9, 2017
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Not since 1966 and the invention of tinted glass have motorists been so excited to see new technological advances in their windshields. Not only are new technologies adding strength to glass, but motorists may soon see touchscreen windshields too. In addition to these amazing technologies, one auto maker has created a heat reflecting, snow melting windshield.

Projection or Heads Up Display

Always searching for a way to help keep motorist’s eyes on the road, engineers are working on creating a windshield that project vehicle stats, directions, and unfortunately, ads. While being able to see directions and vehicle information such as fluid levels, speed, and other important information may very well help keep more eyes on the road, ads may prove more of a distraction than a help. Those spearheading the advertisement angle believe that providing useful information such as roadside attractions, food, and gas will mean that drivers will keep their eyes on the road instead of checking billboards for places to stop. But if these ads run the way of other media platforms, the driver may be bombarded with useless information that may become distracting. Hopefully, motorists also have the option of blocking these ads.


One of the most important technological advances that have been made regarding windshields has been made by Corning. Gorilla Glass was unveiled at the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show. The glass, which is integrated into the windshield, not only makes the windshield stronger, but it also creates the perfect display for projection or heads up technology. Not only is this new glass super strong, but it also creates the perfect backdrop for Heads Up Display technology.


Another technological advance in windshields places a layer of invisible silver into the glass. Created by VW, the silver blocks nearly 60% of the heat allowed in by normal windshields. In addition to helping keep the car cool, the silver can take a charge that melts snow in the winter. Say goodbye to all that scraping. Imagine melting snow and ice in the morning with the flip of a switch.