Modern Windshields Are More Than Just a Piece of Glass

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New Technology in Auto Windshields Promise Greater Protection and Projection
August 9, 2017
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As a society, we continue to push the boundaries of technology. So, it comes as no surprise that technological advances are making their way into our automotive glass. Corning has increased windshield safety by creating Gorilla Glass, VW has added silver to fight the elements and now technological advances are turning windshields into display screens.

Gorilla Glass

Created by Corning, Gorilla Glass is fused into the center of the windshield glass to create a stronger, lighter, technologically advanced product. Gorilla Glass has been shown to reduce the weight of an automotive windshield by up to 30% while increasing its strength. Not only does Corning’s product prove to provide better protection, it also provides the perfect background for projection technology, which puts your car’s information right on your windshield in a heads up display.

Heads Up Display

First used for fighter pilots, Heads Up Display projects important information onto the windshield. Drivers can see their speed, miles to destination, detailed directions displayed as “turn left here” or “turn right now onto,” along with ads and other important automotive information. The advertisements are expected to tell drivers about where to eat, rest, and get gas along their route. While the ads are planned as useful information, some drivers may not want to have the distraction, although they are supposed to end the distraction of reading road signs.


Another technological advance for the windshield, VW has created a smart windshield that has a thin layer of invisible silver that acts to deflect heat in the summer. In the winter, the silver is electrically charged and melts the snow and ice. Cutting down on heat intake up to 60% is a wow factor in and of itself, but add the ability to quickly melt the winter cold and VW’s smart windshield is one consumers will be clamoring for.