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Window Tint

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Purchasing a vehicle is a major investment. Window tinting can keep your prized possession safe from many hazards. The most important function of tinting the windows in your car or truck is blocking out 99% of ultraviolet rays, protecting you from skin cancer. Tinting the windows in your automobile also keeps your interior looking new by reducing the chance of the upholstery becoming faded or cracked.

Security is another major factor in installing window film in your vehicle. Having tinted windows in your car can lower the chances of criminals seeing into your vehicle so they are less likely to break into it. If a window in your vehicle does get broken the window film will hold the glass in place in most cases.

Another reason to have window tint on the windows in your vehicle is the increased cost of fuel. The air condition is working extremely intense when you do not have any window film. Tinting the windows in your vehicle will allow you to run the air conditioning at a lower level, which saves you money in fuel expense.

Traditional "hand cut" tinting involves holding the film against the car and cutting with a razor blade in order to get a precise fit. However, at Glass Specialists, we use a computerized tint plotter to get the cleanest cut possible and ensure that your paint or glass won't be scratched.

Window tint is available in various shades and styles, our most popular tint is very reasonably priced.

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